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Arturia MicroBrute Analog Synthesizer Review

Is it time to go out and get a new synthesizer? The MiniBrute from Arturia has been a success and they didn’t hold back with a new option on the market. The “MicroBrute” is a smaller version and has been picking up steam in recent times. Let’s take a look at this in-depth review to see how it holds up to the rest.

100% Analogue Signal Path

Analogue technology has been evolving over the years and no one wants something that is not going to produce 100% quality. It is just not worth it. In this regard, you are going to get a complete 100% analogue signal path and that is reason alone to take this seriously.

It stands out over the rest because of this reality. The size might be deceiving, but you are going to be getting full value with regards to how it has been designed and the features it has to offer. This is key to note down for those who are thinking about making the purchase.

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Roland AIRA System-1, TB-3, and TR-8 Product Review

Roland’s recent release of their new AIRA product line marks a significant shift in the company’s approach to releasing instruments which will certainly shock many vintage lovers and traditionally purist analog enthusiasts.

The System-1, TR-8, and TB-3 are each uniquely modern in appearance and circuitry, although Roland has made significant successful efforts to mimic classic vintage analog tones with their new and unique analog circuit behavior. So while these products are not 100% analog, do not worry! They sound almost identical to the standard analog products while offering digital flexibility that older models never could, all at affordable prices much lower than old-fashioned analog synthesizers.

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Taking a Look at Moog Phatty Synthesizers

As one of the major pioneers of commercial analog synthesizers with almost five decades of expertise, Moog Electronics, created by Bob Moog himself, has perfected the fusion of analog and digital systems to create products with very distinct sounds that are universally recognized as industry standards. Although a rather far leap from their original synthesizers, the Moog Phatty Line has exceptional products for all different kinds of musicians and uses, each with its own widespread applicability in the musical field; Moog has even begun to revert back to their classic 70’s synths with their modular Phatty line!

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