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Making it Work: How to Finish Your CD

Let’s face it: the recording process isn’t easy, particularly if you are working out of your home or have a small operation. Repetition is part of daily life, and it is often a struggle to pick out the levels and the parts of each instrument. It takes a long time to get to where you want to be, so you must have persistence.

Many bands try and fail to finish a CD. It takes them years to put out an album. This is all due to the fact that recording is so difficult. You have to pay attention to the smallest details and you are often completing the same tasks over and over again. It is easy to feel less than passionate about a song when you have listened to it a hundred times. And, it is easy for band members to get sick of the job when it seems never-ending.

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Equalizing Instruments To Keep A Good Balance

If you are performing or rehearsing with a group, then you know automatically that the final step before taking the stage is ensuring that everything blends together.  Nothing kills a musical performance more than when you don’t have the correct fit.  Many of you have no doubt experienced attending a performance when a female voice took over the whole band or noticed one of the mics had prevented the other instrumentation from being able to get into the proper groove.

In terms of finding the right balance, recording is exactly the same.  This occurs in two different areas.  One is the physical recording, which gets balanced through the use of equalizers, or EQs.  When working inside your studio, you need to ensure that you stay aware of what those sound levels are in your recording since it will make a huge difference in how the sound ends up.

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It’s All About The Mix

When it comes to music, you can play all day long, but with recording the real deal, when it comes to sound, is all in how well you mix. Mixing a CD with different sounds can help you achieve a variety of things and is the means to creating a CD that possesses different instrumentation and qualities. Defining the mixing process and how you could use it more effectively will help define how a CD will sound at the end of the day.

The first thing to understand is that there are two specific areas where mixing happens. The first is just before one records on a track. All mixing that happens at this point takes place between the musician and a sound board. This mixing will help define the instrumentation for computer sound mixing software as well as for the artists working with the mixer.

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How Loud Is Too Loud

You’ve surely experienced this scenario in person: You’re enjoying a favorite television show when it switches to a commercial break. To avoid being blasted out of your seat, you have to turn the volume down. Once the ads are over, you have to crank the volume back up to hear anything.

There’s nothing accidental about this experience. The recording industry has standards in place to set fixed volume level ratios throughout recordings. These standards have had a dramatic influence on the way people listen to and enjoy music. Taken as a whole, music is being recorded at a louder level than ever before, and it’s changing the way people play music and listen to it.

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Better Songwriting Guide

Long before you plan to spend a few hours in the recording studio, you need to evaluate your songs. Recording music is something of a miracle even decades into this phenomenon. It provides a way to simply replay a great piece of music or a song that you have written and performed.

However, here we guide you to continually go back to basics to make great songs. The following tips ensure you have the composition and arrangement in place before you spend your money renting out studio time and record your music.

Perhaps after you have written a song, and layered in the words and begun practicing it, you might evaluate it for auditory interest and appeal. Trained musicians know that certain sounds pair together in a more harmonious way, which makes the music inherently more appealing and more popular.

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